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I like to write things that make people uncomfortable.

And my first instinct was to protect him.

I think he just wanted to see how I’d react. I didn’t know how to.


I guess I’m okay with it.


Knowing morning was coming and I had to get up and drive an hour to school in the rain , I’d bury my head in the blankets, thinking, “No no no no nonono.”

What I need to do is make the most of the time I have.


Lately I have to work as a machine and not as a person if I want to be on top of anything, let alone everything.

Or else resign myself to my fate as a doormat.


Please, somebody, teach me how to summon my inner bitch at will.

But I’m also a coward.


Hello. My name is (not) Eudora Georgina, and I’m glad you’re (still) here.

And why we’re taking it anyway.

Because the instant I stop writing for myself, I forget why I ever wanted to write.


The instant I stop writing for myself, I forget everything that drew me to writing in the first place.

I could not live with myself if I hadn’t.


How I Became A Liberal


“Nothing sobers and reforms him like a…liberal education.”

Favorite seasons change along with the seasons of life.

There’s a sense of slowing down in the fall. Not an overt sense, but a subtle one.

Eudora Georgina

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